Hello, and welcome!

On the internet, I’m known as Lucitie, or Luci for short, and this is a blog full of stuff I like and want to talk about.

So that’s pretty descriptive.

I’m just this gamer girl, super geek, and total nerd who loves: gaming, cooking, ranting, reading, and writing.

Not necessarily in that order… but probably in that order.

I’m also one of the hosts for a weekly Twitch podcast called the Loot Table. If you’re interested in hearing people talk about all things fun and interesting in gaming, you should check it out every Sunday at 8pm EST.


What can you find here on my blog?

  • Ramblings about life in general
  • Recipes and tips for people who enjoy cooking and baking
  • All kinds of thoughts, opinions, and adventures in gaming (video games, computer games, tabletop/RPG games, board games…)
  • Short stories, scenes, and other related writing things