Archive | February 2016

What Draws Me to a Video Game?

What happened to all the games we used to love; the communities that used to bind us together? Have the games changed? Or have we?

Have we become such restless, entitled consumers that we can’t appreciate the content available to us?
Have we, the gamers, become so knowledgeable about games and how we like to play personally that we are constantly searching for the “one game” that caters specifically to all our needs? Can such a game even exist?

Are there so many more gamers now than there used to be that the anonymity has bred a general lack of empathy and has destroyed our sense of community?

Have “gamers” as a group diversified so much that game companies can’t please all of us, or even a majority of us?

Have we become so desensitized to games that we’ve lost our sense of wonder?

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