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Lucitie’s Mausoleum in Landmark

Lucitie’s Mausoleum

A Maze and Scavenger Hunt Event in Landmark!


Welcome, Landmarkians! Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit??

Over on Halloween Island, we’ve built a delightful treat for those who like spooky scares and devilish delights!!


The Maze

Do you dare to explore the shrouded depths below the mausoleum? Prizes await those who brave the darkness, and conquer the maze… so get ready for twists and turns, gruesome visages, and sneaky secrets!

Obviously this is the MOST fun to do at night!

If you make it to the end, a chest of goodies to choose from shall be your reward. (If the chests are empty when you complete the maze, please send an in-game mail to Lucitie and she will mail you the goodies! I can’t be online 24/7 to restock the chest,unfortunately :/)

But wait, there’s more!!


The Scavenger Hunt

As a bonus, we’re giving away a prize to the person who earns the most points in the scavenger hunt! Each item will be worth 1 point, with bonus points to be earned at the end! (If there’s a tie, or multiple ties, the person who completed the Scavenger Hunt and uploaded screenshots to the Landmark forums first wins.)

As you make your way through the maze, and explore the grounds of the mausoleum, here’s a list of items to be on the lookout for: Continue reading

Siren’s Call


The sea-witch spat into the bowl of gull feet and toad blood. Her gnarled fingers beckoned to the captain.

“Tell me what you seek,” her voice slithered through the air.

“Riches!” he bellowed, irritated at her stalling tactics. “Hidden treasures of the sea and land. I already told ye this, hag!”

She sneered at him over the plate, a grotesque grin splitting her face.

“You cannot rush the spell, Captain! The words must be spoken at the correct time, or all the work is for nothing.” Fetid lips pulled away from rotting teeth in a mockery of a smile, “And you’ll still owe me for my time.”

The captain scowled, hand resting on the hilt of his cutlass in a mute threat.

Stirring the spit and blood with an old white bone, she peered into the contents.

“Yes… Yes. I see a way for you to have what you seek.”

“Speak the answer then and let me be rid of you!”

“There is an island,” she began, leaning over the table between them. “A secret island where a siren lives. She lures unsuspecting sailors to her den and snatches their gold and jewels for herself! I have been shown the way to this island,” she cackled, pushing the bowl towards him as if he could read the portents. “But there is great danger! No man yet has been able to resist her charms.”

She leered at him, extending her rag-covered bony arm out, palm open. Continue reading