Lucitie’s Mausoleum in Landmark

Lucitie’s Mausoleum

A Maze and Scavenger Hunt Event in Landmark!


Welcome, Landmarkians! Are you ready to get into the Halloween spirit??

Over on Halloween Island, we’ve built a delightful treat for those who like spooky scares and devilish delights!!


The Maze

Do you dare to explore the shrouded depths below the mausoleum? Prizes await those who brave the darkness, and conquer the maze… so get ready for twists and turns, gruesome visages, and sneaky secrets!

Obviously this is the MOST fun to do at night!

If you make it to the end, a chest of goodies to choose from shall be your reward. (If the chests are empty when you complete the maze, please send an in-game mail to Lucitie and she will mail you the goodies! I can’t be online 24/7 to restock the chest,unfortunately :/)

But wait, there’s more!!


The Scavenger Hunt

As a bonus, we’re giving away a prize to the person who earns the most points in the scavenger hunt! Each item will be worth 1 point, with bonus points to be earned at the end! (If there’s a tie, or multiple ties, the person who completed the Scavenger Hunt and uploaded screenshots to the Landmark forums first wins.)

As you make your way through the maze, and explore the grounds of the mausoleum, here’s a list of items to be on the lookout for:


  • 4 working jumping skeletons
  • A bloodstained wall
  • A cozy place to read
  • A head in a jar
  • A knight’s grave
  • A mummy with a maggot problem
  • A pyramid of gold
  • A row of coffins
  • A victim of torture
  • A wall of chains
  • An elixir
  • An offering of flowers
  • An open book
  • An open grave
  • An X made of bones



5 points will be added to the Scavenger Hunt point total of whoever correctly guesses the number of “Human Skull” props that are hidden around the grounds. This is a very specific prop that is the complete skull with red eyes!

It looks like this:

Human Skull Prop

(Hint: you may want to turn claim boundaries on to make sure you’ve searched everywhere!!)


Contest Begins: October 25th, 2015 at 12:00pm (noon) EDT

Contest Ends: October 31st, 2015 at 12:00am (midnight) EDT

Submissions after the contest closes will not be considered for prizes!





Go to Lucitie’s Mausoleum on Halloween Island and complete the maze! You can get there by teleporting to the island and heading southeast, or search for the claim in the gallery and teleport there directly. Some tags to use: Crypt, Halloween, Graveyard, Lucitie, Mausoleum, Maze, Scavenger Hunt, Seelund

Take some prizes from one of the chests at the end if you so wish! (Each chest contains duplicate prizes, so please don’t take each item from both, as there isn’t a point :p)


Scavenger Hunt:

As you explore and go through the maze, find the items on the list and take screenshots of them.

Screenshots should contain the item on the list clearly and centered, if possible, and should also contain the Landmark beta watermark with character name and island in the corner! This is to make sure you took the screenshot personally! Please do not alter, Photoshop, or crop screenshots in any way! They will be disqualified if you do so.

Each item/screenshot can only be counted once. If you find an item in-game that matches two items on the list you must choose one category to submit it under. Choose carefully!

Upload the screenshots to the Landmark forums (here), as a reply to the thread with the same information, with each screenshot labeled with the scavenger hunt item that it completes.

Please do not include screenshots of the Human Skull props. You don’t want to give away their locations! Only the correct guess of the NUMBER of props is needed.
Thank you all, good luck, and have fun!!

Oh, and consider throwing me a “like” on my claim, if you’d care to. I’d love to get the achievement!

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